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The Successful Mind (TSM) creates and delivers exceptional service models that enable employees, business owners, and customers to thrive simultaneously. Learn how to Create, Motivate and Achieve your highest intension in life and in business. TSM is the next generation of decision making, change management and cultural understanding to improve your business outcomes and relationships with both internal and external clients/customers. Recent times has opened up the possibility that an international business is more that achievable. The internet has allowed the local corner store to trade to multicultural nations.


To help organisations meet the demands of a volatile and changing marketplace Think One Team has a range of programs, these include:

  • United Team Leadership strengthens the confidence, trust and alignment of established teams.
  • Collaborative Problem Solving fosters the behaviours and practices of problem solving within and between teams.
  • Closing the Loop guides teams to assist in creating a culture of conversations that boosts learning and performance.
  • Team True North sets a robust framework of clear direction and agreed behaviours for any team that is seeking to achieve high performance.
  • Performance Partnering gives managers and staff the confidence, skills and tools to have regular, high quality conversations.


Anna Melton, the founder of The Successful Mind, is accredited to facilitate the Think One Team Leadership Programs
Working with Chief Psychologist at the Sydney Olympic Games, founder of Think One Team Graham Winter, discovered the five crucial practices that when present enabled the power of one team which resulted in outstanding results. These five practices became the centrepiece of the best seller book Think One Team and to the consultancy Think One Team International.
The Think One Team blended learning model combines engaging content and skilled facilitation and a workout phase to embed behaviour change in the workplace, while addressing four fundamental organisational needs: Leadership, Teamwork, Performance, and Change.

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